About Us

Our Mission
We here at TallyGo are obsessed with one simple concept - "Where is my stuff?".  We recognize that there are many products to choose from that provide key finding features (some with separation alerts).  Most if not all have limits on the number of items you can track (usually 4 or 8*).  TallyGo can reliably track hundreds of items.  Further TallyGo can organize your items into groups or categories to help facilitate the checking of your inventory with a single glance.

In addition to the asset tracking, TallyGo also provides enhanced features such as two-way separation alerts, sharing, take selfie, beacon moved alert, remote management with our dashboard portal, and more...

Other products such as Apple AirTag or Samsung Smart Tag provide assistance AFTER you lose your item.  We try to prevent you from losing your item in the first place.

* Based on the number of bluetooth connections that are available.