What does traffic look like? — An in-depth look at how we visualize traffic for our prediction algorithms

Smart City

As a smart city, you’ve already installed a network of induction loops and other real-time road sensors at a cost of millions of dollars. Use the TallyGo SDK and APIs to take full advantage of this Road Network IoT for the benefit of government agencies and fleets, citizens and local businesses.

  • Advanced traffic prediction. TallyGo holds four patents related to advanced traffic production and dynamic routing using Road Network IoT installed by smart cities. You’ve already made the big investment to get advanced congestion analytics. Let the TallyGo SDK help you cross the finish line to provide deep insight on traffic and congestion trends.
  • Support citizens and local businesses. Provide free tools for local businesses and citizens that integrate traffic prediction and analytics, accident decongestion analyses, routing and mapping, directly into services like 311.
  • Advanced dispatch using actual travel times and real-time traffic data. Stop using Euclidean distance to allocate a vehicle to a task. It’s a crappy heuristic! Use real travel times and real-time data without any increased latency.
  • Manage fleets or reporting in a centralized way across the city. Whether you are dispatching fleets or managing monthly traffic reports, the TallyGo SDK and APIs can make your life a heck of a lot easier!