Senior Android Developer
(who speaks Klingon)

Ever been stuck in traffic and thought to yourself, "This totally blows." Well, now you have a chance to help poor sods everywhere free themselves from all this GD traffic gridlock.

As a Senior Android Developer at TallyGo, you will be part of a small, distributed team of scientists and engineers working on the cutting edge of navigation, route planning, and transportation science. Your job will be to build the Android app that brings that vision to life. We are creating robust web services that leverage sophisticated graph algorithms so that consumers and businesses can steer clear of traffic, save time and money, and reduce congestion on our roads. Bottom line: We're here to save people's sanity and put them back in control.

Note: This job requires that you speak Klingon. (ngebmo' ghaHlaw'. qID.)

Stuff you gotta have:

  • Android developer with 5+ years experience
  • Published at least one Android app
  • Published at least one Android library
  • Experience with JSON web services
  • Excellent English communication skills

Stuff that would be nice to have:

  • Experience with mapping, navigation, and/or search APIs
  • Located in Los Angeles area (or if not, experienced with working remotely)

Stuff you don't need (but would be cool!):

  • Operate a manure spreader
  • Sing "Macho Man" by the Village People
  • Wield a bat'leth

Our Values

  • Humble and open minded
  • Transparent and honest
  • Self directed and dependable
  • Positive and friendly
  • Sense of humor
  • No ego, no assholes

Working With Us

  • Our team is distributed, so you get to work from home. (Pants optional.)
  • The work is challenging, with very compelling problems that touch on complex machine learning algorithms and scalability issues.
  • The work matters, and can have a huge impact on the economy and the environment.
  • You'll have the autonomy to direct your own work without being micromanaged.

How to apply

If this sounds interesting, please email us at jobs [at] tallygo [dot] com. Please send your resume, links to a code repository or portfolio of your work (including links to any published Android apps), and tell us why Van Halen's standard performance contract contained a provision calling for them to be provided backstage with a bowl of M&Ms from which all the brown candies had been removed. Also, take a guess at why we are asking for that.

Principals only, please, no recruiters.