What does traffic look like? — An in-depth look at how we visualize traffic for our prediction algorithms

Logistics & Trucking

With the TallyGo SDK, logistics and trucking businesses can embed real-time turn-by-turn navigation on any device that seamlessly integrates with the existing dispatch system:

  • Give your drivers their very own navigation app on their phones. Setup the app to start navigating with the route and turn-by-turn pre-loaded the moment you dispatch them!
  • Track driver location and ETA in real time. With drivers using your very own navigation app, you can keep much better track of their location, speed, ETA and share all of this information with customers and your centralized dispatch team as it happens.
  • Increase profitability with pooling and batching routes. By making it easier for drivers to handle multi-way point routes, like pooling, batching and stacking routes, you can generate more margin per unit of time.
  • Enable commercial trucking routes on the fly. Let your drivers choose for themselves if they want a route for regular vehicles or commercial trucks.
  • Advanced dispatch using actual travel times and real-time traffic data. Stop using Euclidean distance to allocate a vehicle to a task. It’s a crappy heuristic! Use real travel times and real-time data without any increased latency.