Map, search, and navigation with TGMapViewController

Display a map view from a view controller, which allows the user to pan and zoom the map, search for locations, and begin navigation with turn-by-turn directions.

The only thing you need to provide is a view controller that has some kind of menu options ( menuViewController in the example below). This menu will appear when the user taps the menu button (in the bottom right of the view).

let mapViewController = TGMapViewController.create()
mapViewController.onSelectMenuButton = {
    mapViewController.present(menuViewController, animated: true)

present(mapViewController.embedInNavigationController(), animated: true)
TGMapViewController *mapViewController = [TGMapViewController create];
__block TGMapViewController *blockVCRef = mapViewController;
mapViewController.onSelectMenuButton = ^{
    [blockVCRef presentViewController:menuViewController animated:YES completion:nil];

[self presentViewController:[mapViewController embedInNavigationController] animated:YES completion:nil];
Expected Output
Check out the iOS Reference App to see this example in action.

Look for example 201 in the app.