Navigation with Waypoints

This is the same idea as our earlier navigation example , but this one demonstrates how to navigate a route with many waypoints (rather than just a single origin and destination).

First off, you need to setup a route request according to the coordinates that you're going to navigate to.

TGRouteRequest routeRequest = new TGRouteRequest.Builder()
               .addCoordinate(34.119190d, -118.300348d) //Griffith Observatory (origin)
               .addCoordinate(34.101558d, -118.340944d) //Grauman's Chinese Theatre (mid)
               .addCoordinate(34.102078d, -118.334236d) //Hollywood Walk of Fame (mid)
               .addCoordinate(34.011441d, -118.494932d) //Santa Monica Pier (destination)

If you're testing at your desk, you'll probably want to simulate your location, as before. However, skip this block if you want to test in the real world.

LatLng simulatedCurrentLocation = routeRequest.getWayPoints().get(0).getCoordinate(); // Start from the first waypoint
boolean simulate = true;
boolean clickToUpdate = false;

TallyGo.getInstance().enableSimulation(simulate, clickToUpdate, simulatedCurrentLocation);

Now you can take two different approaches:

  1. To launch the preview screen to get a preview of the route with all the waypoints, from which you can then begin turn-by-turn navigation.
    TGLauncher.startPreview(CONTEXT, routeRequest);
  2. Or to launch the turn-by-turn navigation directly without any route preview.
    TGLauncher.startTurnByTurn(CONTEXT, routeRequest);
Check out the Android Reference App to see this example in action.