Get turn-by-turn navigation route data

This lets you get the route information for a list of waypoints (2+). This is the same data that is used for turn-by-turn navigation .

// Create the request
TGRouteRequest routeRequest = new TGRouteRequest.Builder()
               .addCoordinate(34.101558d, -118.340944d) // Grauman's Chinese Theatre
               .addCoordinate(34.011441d, -118.494932d) // Santa Monica Pier
       routeRequest, new TGNavigationEndpoint.TGRouteCallback() {
   public void onSuccess(TGRouteResponse tgRouteResponse) {
       TGRoute route = tgRouteResponse.getRoute();

   public void onFailure(Exception e) {
       // Something failed, this could be a no-network error -- handle as you please
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