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Navigation as a Service (NaaS) empowers any company to embed a real-time navigation experience into their existing apps with virtually no development effort. If your business depends on moving people or things around, you can finally control and monetize the attention of customers and generate greater profit from your drivers. Significantly, you no longer need to depend on navigation controlled by the world's largest companies. We believe navigation is for everyone. NaaS is the next revolution in SaaS — and TallyGo is the platform to accelerate that future.

Our Solution: A New Kind of Navigation Stack

Real-time / Minute-level

Real-time road network data is exploding. Smartphones have been a primary source of traffic data, making apps like Google Maps and Waze dominant in the market. But smartphone GPS is not that accurate and not that granular. More advanced sensors are increasingly common today, like loop detectors, traffic cameras, and soon, advanced vehicles. TallyGo is the first navigation company to deploy a complete navigation stack specifically for minute-level data.

Dynamic Routing

There are literally billions of possible routes even for short drives, so finding the fastest one within milliseconds is a really hard computational problem. Today's apps address this by pre-computing routes in advance for different times of day and conditions. By contrast, TallyGo's dynamic routing evaluates all possible paths on the fly using minute-level traffic data to find the actual fastest route, which other apps have likely already excluded in their pre-computation.

Patented Tech

TallyGo holds four granted patents and others pending that span every layer of next generation navigation technology, from minute-level traffic data ingestion and prediction to advanced routing, nearest neighbor search, and accident decongestion analysis. Anyone can claim their stack is "real-time" — TallyGo is the only company today truly living up to that name.

Navigation SDK

With just 5 easy steps that take only a few minutes, the TallyGo Navigation SDK enables any company to embed real-time, turn-by-turn navigation in their existing customer or driver experience. Seriously, in a matter of minutes you could fundamentally transform your relationship with customers and drivers. See how easy it is to install the SDK in the video below.

Why NaaS?

Until now any company that needs navigation faces three really poor options: (1) most redirect their users to another app - a huge missed opportunity; (2) others try to cobble together a solution with crappy open source tools that no one ends up using; and (3) a few sink millions into trying to build their own navigation, which is a huge distraction from their core business. With NaaS, any company can have their own real-time, turn-by-turn navigation embedded within their existing app.

Controlling your own navigation experience is critical for any ride-sharing or delivery company to enable pooling or batching routes that maximize profitability. It's also important for auto, map search, retail, emergency response, dispatch, logistics and a host of other kinds of companies who now lose the attention of users 1-2 minutes into the experience. Someone orders a cappuccino from the Starbucks app, finds an Italian restaurant on Yelp, discovers their next coffee shop on Foursquare, sees a great open house on Zillow...and then they switch over to a navigation app that gets to control and monetize 99% of their attention...boy is that silly!


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TallyGo Core Technology

5 Steps to Integrate the TallyGo SDK

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Our Beginnings at USC

TallyGo began five years ago as a research project at USC, evaluating the accuracy of navigation apps using loop detector data. It turns out these apps are leaving a lot on the table. So our team built the first ever intelligent routing layer for minute-level data, and then all this protectable IP was spun off into TallyGo.

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